Log furniture for a living room

The living room in a log cabin (Photo by William Warby)

If you are considering purchasing some log furniture, the best room to think about to make it as visible as possible to your guests is your living room. This room is designed for people to gather to enjoy conversation, watch movies, play cards, or just enjoy a great beverage and share stories on a Saturday night.

According to LogFurniturePlace.com, the following pieces of log furniture are available to spice up the look of a living room:

Chairs and recliners – Enjoy sitting in a comfortable chair or stretch out in a comfy recliner made of logs. Because these pieces of furniture are extra sturdy and generally handcrafted to perfection, they might even help support your back if you have any back pain. With a plush add-on to make the chair even more appealing, you will surely be asleep in a log recliner in no time!

Sofas and couches – Whether you refer to them as “sofas” or “couches,” you can buy a large selection of log furniture designed for a comfortable conversation with friends and family. Or you can lay on it and use it as a makeshift bed. Set it up in front of the TV or in front of your favorite window if you live on a mountain and want to enjoy the picturesque view.

Coffee tables – These tables are perfect for holding your coffee, cold beverage, or a stack of reading material for your guests to flip through. Log coffee tables add an rustic flair to any living room, especially since they are often the centerpiece of the room among chairs, sofas, and other items.

Entertainment centers and TV stands – If you have a big-screen, high-definition TV, a stereo system connected to your PC, or a video game console like PlayStation 3, you will be able to store all of your electronics and entertainment items in a log entertainment center. Many of these pieces are equipped with cabinet doors and space to store items like cords and wires that would otherwise make your living room look messy. Or you can go with a simple stand held up by four wood logs for your television set that has no added features for a sleek look.

Bookcases – Do you have so many books in your house that you could open up your own library and rent them out to bookworms? If so, a log bookcase is the perfect addition to a living room – or even a bedroom – to store your books. The sturdiness of a log bookcase is ideal for encyclopedias or other heavy texts that take up a lot of space.

Remember that LogFurniture.com is your #1 source for information on everything you can imagine about log furniture. If you are looking for living room furniture, there are a number of pieces to choose from for your home, log cabin, or weekend getaway in the mountains.

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