Kitchen Log Furniture

There are many different kinds of kitchen log furniture available today. Shoppers who are looking for kitchen log furniture can always find unique log cabinets, tables, chairs, bar stools, wine racks and cabinets to add a rustic look to any home. These quality furniture pieces are made from premium wood like cedar, hickory and pine to provide structural integrity and an alluring visual appeal to any kitchen.

Kitchen log furniture is often produced by smaller manufacturers, and many of these pieces are specialty items. While they can be a bit more expensive than the mass produced furniture found in big name stores, this quality furniture offers a number of advantages. Kitchen log furniture can often be customized to fit the unique decor that customers have in their homes. It is also extremely durable, and many kitchen log furniture pieces can last for a lifetime.

All log furniture goes through a process known as checking. This occurs as the wood used to build the log furniture releases moisture. As checking occurs, the logs will develop marks on their surfaces. This does not affect the structural integrity of the logs in any way. In fact, checking adds to the unique character of every piece of log furniture.

Timber Ridge Furniture is a popular supplier of kitchen log furniture. Their cedar dining room chairs are a great addition to any rustic kitchen. They also produce a cedar Captain’s Chair with armrests and benches for dining room tables. All of these products come with an unrefined finish to add to the country feel. These products range in price from $99 to $149 per chair.

Gifted Garden is another popular supplier of kitchen log furniture. They provide a number of quality log furniture pieces, including bar stools, bistro tables, buffets, hutches and wine racks in cedar and hickory. They also sell a number of log dining sets to give customers a complete solution for all of their kitchen log furniture needs. The kitchen log furniture provided by Gifted Garden is perfect for any country kitchen. Their kitchen log furniture sets start at $519 and go up to $3699 for a six seat hickory dining set.