Log Beds – Log Furniture Beds

Bedroom log furniture has a classic country feel. While log furniture used to be the primary type of furniture that people in the western US had due to resources available, today it is just one of the many styles of furniture available. Many people enjoy the look of log furniture to go with the country or cabin style decor of their home and appreciate that it tends to last longer than other types of furniture on the market today. Many types of log furniture are considered eco-friendly and have a rustic feel that reminds people of being one with nature. It’s no wonder that more and more people are searching out bedroom log furniture to add to their home.

Log furniture is usually made from a variety of wood types put together. White cedar is commonly used because it is not subject to rotting and cracking and can stand a wide variety of weather changes and variables. The flaws in White Cedar are naturally made and give the furniture more of a rustic and natural beauty look that is appealing to many buyers. Hickory is another wood type that is commonly used in log furniture since it can be molded into a variety of shapes easily but it is not as strong as the white Cedar. Red cedar is known for log furniture making and is prized for its longevity and not being subject to problems with insects or pests and smells great. Oak is also very popular for its use in making log furniture as well as Aspen wood.

When shopping for bedroom log furniture, there are many options to choose from. One could furnish their whole bedroom in log furniture. There are numerous options for styles and sizes of beds from the King size to twin size and even bunk beds. Matching or coordinating night stands, dressers, and benches can even be found to go with the log furniture bed. This process can be repeated for every bedroom in the house to achieve the same look and style in a home.

Log furniture is available in a wide variety of brand names and prices. Popular brands are Alpine Heirloom, Cedar Looks, Hickory Lake, Montana, Rustic Aspen, Saratoga, and Timpview Creek. Prices range depending on the size of the log furniture and what it is made of, but log bed frames may usually be found between $500 up to $1800 for a standard queen size bed. No matter the choice, buyers are sure to find the perfect log beds for their needs.