Log Furniture Accessories

Large pieces of log furniture such as the bed, chests, a sofa or accent chairs and tables are probably the first items selected when designing a home filled with log furniture. While those pieces generally determine how functional a space may be or how much storage is gained with the furniture selection, it is the log furniture accessories that create the rustic atmosphere and add authenticity to the design.

Log furniture accessories are abundant. It should be quite easy to find the ideal accessories for any rustic room. Wall shelves as well as free standing shelves are popular in rustic decors. Rustic style picture frames and mirrors can easily be incorporated into any room. Rustic lighting with log bases creates ambiance. Wall sconces and table lamps are available in a wide variety of themes that will complement rooms furnished with log furniture. Mirrors are always a nice addition to a bedroom, bathroom, living room or foyer. Whether it’s table top size or carvings designed to place on the floor, rustic carvings of animals such as bear, moose or deer are great accent pieces.

Log furniture accessories can be made from various types of wood. Cedar shelves, tables and frames are seen frequently in rustic decors. Pine is also used quite often when designing log furniture and the accessories that unify a room’s design, especially with bedroom log furniture.

There are numerous online sites that offer log furniture accessories. The Good Timber, Wild Country Interiors and The Log Furniture Store are sites that offer log furniture accessories. All of these offer a diverse selection of accessories that make it easy and pleasurable to design each room of a home in a rustic decor.

Generally, log bathroom accessories can be found in a price range of $20 to $100. Items such as mirrors, picture frames and wall shelves often start around $100 and increase according to size, complexity of design and the type of wood used. Most sites have a clearance section. This is an excellent place to find some unexpected accessories at great prices.

Log furniture accessories provide a personal touch to a rustic or country decor. Finding the perfect lamp, wall hanging, shelf or mirror can be the ideal finishing touch to any room.