Alaska Log Furniture

Handcrafted log furniture is not hard to find in Alaska. Log furniture in Alaska can be purchased from several different merchants across the state.

AK Wildwood Log Furniture

Alaska Wildwood Artform Log Furniture offers locally harvested wood products including chairs, tables, beds, lamps, coat hangers, and deck and stair railings.
Phone: (908) 505-0205
Contact: Clayton Martiniuk
Address: PO Box 21, Tok, AK 99780
Products: log furniture, log railing

Alaska Antler Works

They make custom antler creations from deer, elk, caribou, and moose shed antlers. They specialize in large Alaska-Yukon moose antler lighting and furniture.
Phone: (907) 306-9535
Contact: Aaron and Jill Bork
Address: 2620 E 42nd #10, Anchorage, AK 99508
Products: antler furniture, antler lighting

Alaska Wood Carvings

Creates all kinds of wood carvings including bear benches, bird wood carvings, eagle wood carvings, mascot carvings, and more.
Phone: (503) 739-2832
Contact: Jordan Anderson
Address: Indian, AK
Products: wood carvings

Busy Beaver Log Furniture

They build high quality log furniture one piece at a time with local beetle killed spruce.
Phone: (907) 262-2387
Contact: Steven West
Address: PO Box 362, Kasilof, AK 99610
Products: log furniture

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