Log dining tables

An old log table (Photo by Jonah G.)

Imagine sitting in your dining room at home enjoying a delicious meal with family and friends on Thanksgiving night. With healthy portions of turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, and apple pie, it is the perfect dinner for all to enjoy. So what could possibly make this a more pleasant experience? Perhaps a log dining table could add to the atmosphere.

Dining room tables are manufactured using a variety of materials. Wood, metal, and plastic are just a few of materials used in this process. However, with log tables, they are primarily designed using actual logs. This means a table with four legs would have one log representing each leg of the table. In some cases, two or more logs will be meshed together or placed side-by-side to provide more support for the table. As far as the flat surface of the table is concerned, logs are typically found underneath it or on the sides to support the structure of it.

Tables can be created using various forms of wood. These include cedar and pine, according to Cabinfield.com. Both types of wood come from a variety of trees in various regions of the world. Australian red cedar is a form of wood often used in the manufacturing of furniture. These trees are found throughout Australia and provide a material that can be easily manipulated into various shapes. The logs from these trees are also extremely durable. Pine trees are typically native to the Northern Hemisphere and are found throughout the United States, Europe, and Asia. Pine logs are excellent materials for woodworking as well and could easily be used to make a dining table.

Chairs for log dining tables are designed in a way that provokes both comfort and that cool rustic feel of all log furniture. Most chairs include some form of padding on both the inner-back of the chair and the flat area on which people sit. There is no way anyone would want to sit on an actual log, so these chairs are made so that the logs are primarily part of the chair’s legs and outer-back. But there is plenty of variety in how the chairs look so that they can match the overall look of the dining table.

Use LogFurniture.com as your premier resource if you’re in the market to add some new log furniture to your home or office. If you shop around with local dealers, you will be able to afford some beautiful pieces that will enhance the look of a room instantly.

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