Nebraska Log Furniture

Embassy Rustic Billiards

Embassy Rustic Billiards sells log pool tables that are hand-crafted masterpieces. They offer 18 different kinds of log pool tables starting from just a couple thousand dollars and up.
Phone: (402) 438-4398
Address: 355 Bruce Dr., Lincoln, NE 68510
Products: log pool tables

Niobrara Timber & Woodworks

Niobrara Timber and Woodworks harvests trees near the scenic Niobrara river in north central Nebraska, and sells the lumber and products made from the lumber. Its most popular timber is eastern red cedar, and they also sell ponderosa pine, white oak, american elm, and cottonwood, as well as log furniture made from the wood.
Phone: (402) 684-2939
Contact: Jeff Carpenter
Address: 88519 450th Ave, Bassett, NE 68714
Products: log timber, log furniture

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