Maryland Log Furniture

Blackwater Woodworks LLC

Blackwater Woodworks is a furniture studio run by award-winning artist Rick Laufer, who designs and builds limited edition custom furniture. His creations include handmade chairs, desks, and tables in native American hardwoods.
Phone: (443) 255-6967
Contact: Rick Laufer
Address: 733 Bentley Road, Bentley Springs, MD 21120
Products: rustic furniture, art

Tree Spirit Tables

Tree Spirit Tables creates custom farm tables, desks, and elegant formal dining tables. Each item is hand-crafted to the customer’s exact specifications. The company has a storefront where you can check out some of their designs.
Phone: (301) 898-1461
Address: PO Box 396, 12102 Main Street, Libertytown, MD 21762
Products: rustic tables

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