Dining Room Log Furniture

Log furniture has long been part of the American way of life. Settlers would craft tables and chairs out of the logs the cut around their new homes. One of the essential pieces of every settler’s house was a dining table. Today, dining room furniture is still a central piece of every house and helps set the tone of the décor for the rest of the home. Home owners trying to create a rustic feel to their home should consider purchasing log furniture for their dining room needs.

Today’s log furniture is expertly crafted by a handful of manufacturers that have mastered this niche. The furniture can be made from aspen, hickory, pine, or cedar logs and each piece can be stained to suit the needs of a customer.

Log Furniture for the Dining Room

Log furniture dining room tables and chairs can vary in style and size. Each piece can be crafted from rough cut timber that gives the maximum rustic feel or from planed boards that appear more finished and refined. The sizes available vary from small bistro tables that are large enough for two up to extended dining tables with the capacity to seat up to 10 people. The chairs can be manufactured to match the table in color, style, and wood choice. Benches can also be purchased in lieu of chair for something a little different. This is great for families with children that have a hard time handling the heavy chairs.

Other log furniture accessories can also be purchased to complete the dining room décor. Hutches, plate racks, and shelves can all add the extra touch to any room.

The cost of rustic log furniture is one of the great selling points. Most traditional dining tables and chairs can quickly reach thousands of dollars. However, small log furniture tables typically range from $500 to $1,000.

Incorporating a rustic dining room table into a home décor should be considered by everyone that likes the feel of a mountain cabin. It can set the tone for the rest of the house and help every home owner achieve the look they are after. With number of styles, colors, and wood types available, everyone can find log furniture that appeals to them for a dining room.