Finishing techniques of logs for furniture

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There are several ways that logs can be finished before they are used to manufacture various pieces of log furniture, such as beds, tables, and chairs. lists the following methods as some of the most prevalent ones used to finish logs in order to create durable furniture that will hold up for years to come:

Lathed and sanded method – Logs that undergo this process are centered and turned on a lathe. This makes each log the same general size, and then they are sanded to give them a very smooth texture finish. Log furniture that is manufactured with this process will be very smooth, but there will still be visible color streaks and knots to give off that great natural look.  This kind of furniture will have a similar appearance to the more traditional non-log furniture that is commonly found in homes.

Hand-drawn method – These logs are manually peeled by hand using a drawknife. Although most of the knots and pieces of bark are removed through this process, the logs will still maintain their overall shape and characteristics. Hand-drawn log furniture has more of a rustic appearance than furniture made with other methods.

Rough-peeling method with a machine – Logs that are rough-peeled have their bark and knots removed with a machine known as a peeler. This peeler essentially grinds off the outer part of the log, but this does not give the log a true dimension as it is not completely centered on a lathe. Most of the logs manufactured with this process are utilized on farms and ranches for railings and fence posts. However, the best logs are kept for manufacturing log furniture. Machine-drawn logs will appear to have a straight line that runs the length of the log.

The quality of log furniture depends greatly on these processes. In general, logs should be aged from 2-3 years before they are used to make furniture. This is to allow them to completely dry out and take their final form. Green wood should not be used for making furniture because it can warp and cause the piece of furniture to fall apart. Although all logs have some naturally occurring cracks and marks in them, most furniture that is created with the above methods should be in great shape and should last a long time.

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