What tools are used to make log furniture?

A drill cutting through a piece of wood (Photo by Charles Knowles)

There are many mechanical tools that are used to make a piece of log furniture. BosworthTools.com is a website that sells tools used to make log furniture. According to the site, the following tools are some of the most important ones needed to facilitate this woodworking process. In other words, they will make this experience much easier and more enjoyable:

Drills – Perhaps the most important tool needed for manipulating logs and joining them together to create a piece of log furniture is a powerful drill. There are a ton of drill types that offer various speeds (rpm’s), and these speeds are usually between 100 and 500 rpm for the most effective results. Drills that have longer handles tend to be easier to use when drilling into logs. You can buy a quality drill that will work well for woodworking for a very reasonable price. Just make sure that it’s designed for drilling into logs and thicker forms of wood.

Tenon cutters – These cutters are typically made of aluminum and contain several steel blades. In most cases, the blades can be removed for sharpening. The cutter attaches to a drill and is used to create a tenon on a piece of wood, which is a protrusion at the end of the wood that will fit into a mortise hole when utilizing the mortise and tenon joint method of making log furniture.

Bits and countersinks – Drill bits and countersinks make using a drill so much easier when you use the right ones. These tools are designed to create a mortise hole in a log and will result in a smooth cut that will easily allow the tenon to slide right in. While a bit is used to create the actual hole, a countersink is another type of drill bit that will drill a funnel-shaped enlargement around a hole to allow for more manipulation of the log.

Drawknives – A drawknife is a knife that is used to peel logs and make tenons. Although a drawknife is a very effective way of peeling a log, using them requires a lot of physical effort due to how they are designed.

Clamps – A log clamp will allow you to hold a piece of wood in place so that you can easily and securely cut a log so that it is precisely shaped the way you intend it to be. Clamps are generally made out of steel and are both sturdy and portable. A clamp is an essential tool when creating log furniture, especially for creating the tenon protrusion at the end of a log.

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