What kinds of wood are used for log furniture?

Closeup of a cedar tree in sunlight (Photo by veggiefrog)

We all know there are plenty of options on different types of log furniture for different rooms in a home. But have you ever thought about the various types of wood that are used to manufacture this furniture? It might surprise you about how many wood types are actually used – and where the logs come from.

LogFurnitureGuide.com lists the following types of wood as some of the most popular kinds that are used to make log furniture:

Aspen – Aspen is a softer kind of wood that is usually light-colored and even-grained. It is very durable and perfect for numerous types of furniture pieces. It contains natural knots and twists that will make any furniture look unique. This kind of wood comes from aspen trees that are found in very cold climates at high altitudes, such as the Rocky Mountains of Colorado.

Hickory – Hickory has been used to make log furniture since the colonial times. It is a very flexible wood, and the bark is usually left on the hickory logs when they are made into furniture. This gives it a very rustic and natural look and feel. It’s also usually finished with a clear lacquer. Hickory trees are native to North America and Asia.

Pine –Relatively soft and fine-grained, pine logs are used to make the more country-style kinds of log furniture. Varieties of pine include Northern White Pine, Ponderosa Pine, Sugar Pine, and Yellow Pine. It contains fewer knots and has less color variation than other types of wood. Pine is very similar to cedar in its appearance.

Red cedar – There are two different species of red cedar trees – the Western Red Cedar, found primarily in the northwestern U.S., and the Eastern Red Cedar, found in the eastern U.S. This kind of cedar can live in snowy climates as it is a very hardy type of wood. Red cedar contains natural preservatives that are resistant to decay and insects. It is fairly lightweight and is known for being scented and for having beautiful red coloration.

White cedar – White cedar has light coloration and a subtle grain. It’s perfect for outdoor furniture because it is naturally resistant to insects and decay. It is extremely durable and can handle most climates.

Walnut – Walnut is a very fine-grained type of wood. Perhaps the best kind of walnut is American Black Walnut. It doesn’t scratch, and any small surface damage to it is hardly noticeable. It is finely textured and can be used for a variety of furniture pieces.

Willow – If you’re looking for a durable wood that can be used for both indoor and outdoor furniture, willow is the way to go. In fact, willow is actually regenerative, which means it can be sustainably harvested.

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