The Uniqueness of Log and Rustic Furniture

No two logs from a forest are exactly the same. (Photo by Greenpeace Finland)

“Nature abhors straight lines,” said 18th-century English architect William Kent. This quote perfectly describes why log and rustic furniture is so appealing because it is so unique in its design.

When you shop for furniture (or any manufactured items for that matter) at a big-box store, you will likely be getting items that were made on a manufacturing line in an industrial warehouse somewhere in the world. We all own furniture like this, and there is nothing wrong with it. However, in terms of its design, it pales in comparison to the natural look of log furniture since it is perfectly put together in a way that each piece looks exactly the same.

Many log furniture designers make their pieces from natural logs that they obtain from forests themselves. In turn, they keep the bark on the logs and leave the knots in them when completing a final project. For instance, a log table may include knots and curvy lines that appear a bit grotesque and, in some instances, completely odd at first glance. However, the designers deliberately leave this character in the wood to make it as unique as they can. Log chairs, sofas, and other pieces on which people can sit are obviously made in a way that stresses comfort. But in the legs of a chair, for example, a woodworker may keep the sturdy knots in place to help support the seat while maintaining the uniqueness and beauty of the logs that were used to create it.

Another reason log furniture is so unique is that many logs used to make it contain original beetle tracks and chew marks from animals in the wild. Have you ever seen a log with a chew mark from elk in it? If so, you know it is twisted and bent where the mark appears on it. A log that has been a part of nature for a while has plenty of character to it, especially if it comes from an environment in which pesky critters have roamed the area and have put their own stamp on it. However, these are the best kinds of logs and demonstrate how no two logs from such an environment are exactly the same, much like no two snowflakes are the identical.

If you are looking to add some of this incredibly unique rustic furniture to your home or log cabin, be sure to use the premier resource for information on it – There are lots of pieces that are very affordable for individuals with limited budgets. It’s hard to put a price tag on furniture that comes right out of a forest, but anyone can own these pieces.

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