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“The Bone Throne” – a popular antler chair that the company sells (Image credit:

Alaska Antler Works is a company based in Anchorage, Alaska. The company is run by a husband and wife named Aaron and Jill Bork. The Borks create custom antler furniture and other related items from deer, elk, caribou, and moose shed antlers. They specialize in designing Alaska-Yukon moose antler furniture and lighting. Alaska Antler Works has been around for over 10 years and is a web-based company as the Borks work out of their home and ship their items to customers. Check out for more information.

Q&A With Aaron Bork:

What kinds of items does your company manufacture and/or sell?

We make all kinds of items out of antlers. These include chandeliers, chairs, coffee tables, dining tables, and desks. We also build smaller items. We buy our antlers in bulk from different vendors, including some from companies in Alaska and Montana.

How much do your items cost?

The prices on items range from about $1,000 to about $10,000. Dining tables, desks, large chandeliers cost the most. The average price on items is between $2,000 and $3,000. Our prices tend to be cheaper because we don’t have an actual store to maintain.

What are the most popular kinds of items?

We sell a coffee table called the Keani that goes for $1,900. It’s probably our most popular item.

Briefly describe how you make one of your items.

There are three basic steps we take to make antler furniture – layout, construction, and touchup. We lay out the antlers and choose the ones that fit together the best.  Selecting the right antlers is the most important step. Then we put them together and make sure they are sturdy. Having a sturdy item is more important than how it looks. The last step is to touch up the piece and add a finish to it. It takes about 30 to 40 hours of labor to make a large piece of antler furniture, such as a desk.

How did you get into making this furniture?

We started with a small company and one thing led to another. A friend of ours gave us business and got us a good start to keep building stuff.

What’s the craziest or most challenging request you’ve had for furniture?

The first dining table was kind of a challenge. There is a lot that goes into it. There are a lot of sharp points, and you have to be very careful when putting it together.

What kinds of furniture do you enjoy making most?

I enjoy making the “Bone throne,” a single seat manly antler chair. It’s a really cool piece of furniture. My second choice would be to make an antler chandelier.

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